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Business Opportunity

We are on a project team to help launch the Canadian branch of a very established and successful health and wellness company originally based out of Europe.

Founded in November 2011, this company is not a start up. It is completely stable and has grown worldwide (see below for a list of countries) and continues to grow. With a solid, proven track record, the company has far surpassed the common seven-year failure mark. The owner is young, ambitious, and has proven long-term stickability. He lives with his family in Florida and successfully launched in the USA last year. 

And now the company is coming to Canada, publicly launching in May of 2022. With over a billion dollars in sales projected for this year, they are making waves in the health and wellness industry.  

If you are looking for another source of income, starting your own business, helping people and animals, and are interested in helping launch the Canadian company, please contact us and we will arrange a telephone meeting with our business partners. If you are a motivated leader, we would love to have your join our pre-launch team. 

Timing is everything, and the time is now!

Reesa and Cameron Bruce 

               Diamond Executives

Phone/Text:  1-403-934-3531

Email:  EndeavourMoreLiving@gmail.com

A Breakthrough in Health and Wellness

Coming to CANADA!

~ Public launch May 2022 ~

Existing Countries:

Russia, Moldova, Germany, Romania, Khazakhtan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenistan, Canada, Bulgaria, Belarus, Turkey, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Austria, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Bermuda, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Aruba, Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, Malta, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Costa Rica, Panama, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, Namibia, Ecuador, Colombia, Israel, Puerto Rico, Georgia, South Korea...with more to come!