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We have been nominated again this year in three categories for 

The Newsy Neighbour Magazine Reader's Choice Best in Business Awards

Thank you to everyone who nominated us!

If you'd like to vote for us, please go to www.thenewsyneighbour.com

The categories we have been nominated in are:

                                        - Alternative Medicine/Health

                                        - Customer Service

                                        - Direct Sales


Nature's Gift of Cannabis Sativa 
Hemp Seed Oil for 
People and Animals

New Super-Food A Growing Trend

Nature's Perfect Food

What makes cannabis hemp seed oil so extraordinary?

Cannabis hemp contains 80% EFAs (essential fatty acids)—the most balanced and richest natural source of EFAs on the planet. That's more than any other plant on Earth! And as one of the best food sources available, it’s nature’s gift to the living!

What makes EFAs so vital to our health and wellbeing?

EFAs cannot be produced by the body and have to be continually replenished in the diet. EFAs are used as raw materials for cell structure and as precursors for the synthesis of many of the body’s vital biochemicals, including hormones and prostaglandins.

Seven time Nobel prize winner Dr. J. Budwig, pioneer of EFA research, reported the role of EFAs in improving health and quality of life.

What does this mean for you?

It means that more than ever people are making informed, intelligent decisions about health and wellness. It’s an exciting time to take charge of your life. Our planet is plagued with disease, conflict, and stress. Now we have a chance to do something about it. By taking care of yourself and those you love, you are changing the world for a better place.


Who benefits from these products?

We all do! You don’t have to be sick to take action. Prevention is the key. However, if you are struggling with illness, cannabis hemp seed oil may be for you.

But it’s not just for people! All mammals benefit as well. Please read the Testimonials for stories of improved quality of life.

Get back to living! What do you have to lose?