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Redox Signalling Molecules

Beneficial for Humans and Animals of All Ages

A Breakthrough in Health and Anti-Aging

for People and Animals

ASEA may be the "game changer"
for improved health, wellness, and
that you're looking for.

Please note:  These products and the information provided are 
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

                 ASEA is :

  •    100% Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic, and Non-Harming
  •    A Detoxifier
  •    Regenerative and Restorative for Cellular Health
  •    Able to Turn Genes Back On and Repair DNA
  •    Native to Our Bodies
  •    Amazing, But Simple Science

Fun Facts:

James Watson, the scientist who discovered the DNA double helix announced the lack of redox signalling is the cause of diabetes and has since dedicated his life's research to redox research.

Redox signalling technology is destined to fuel the greatest advances in medical science this century.

In addition to many other benefits, redox molecules play a pivotal role in activating the defense systems for lung cells (alveoli), including signalling support to eliminate outside invaders. 

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(see "Book Summary" from Dr. Lee Ostler's book)

(What is ASEA? How to get started? FAQs, Detoxifying, What to Expect)

Dr. David Silverman's explanation on 
usage and detoxification with ASEA, 
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(Dosing, Detoxifying, What to Expect)

Dr. David Silverman's video on investigating ASEA for you...or someone you love:

(with ASEA's Medical Professionals Board, including many doctors who have joined ASEA's team)

*** ASEA Testimonials ***

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Real Redox Results

Technical Description of ASEA for Therapists:

Redox signalling molecules are a combination of reductant and oxidant molecules that our mitochondria make during production of ATP (energy). Scientists have been able to create a stabilized balanced set of the exact combination of these molecules...bio-identical to the ones our cells create. 

These molecules are foundational to cellular communication and health. They are responsible for the "protect, detect, repair and replace" mechanisms of our cells. They also are necessary in activating antioxidants such as glutathione - allowing them to increase their efficacy by 500 - 800%. This in turn reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.

These molecules also open NRF2 detox pathway allowing the body to detox more effectively. ASEA Redox is the liquid supplement and Renu28 is the topical gel that contain redox signalling molecules bioidentical to those made by our mitochondria. The products are made by a company called ASEA. 

The liquid (drink) looks and feels like water but has a slightly salty/chlorinated taste. There is also a concentrated gel called Renu28 that works well in promoting detox by applying to soles of feet, back of neck and on abdomen for gut health as the molecules absorb transdermally too. It's twice as concentrated than the drink and promotes detox and healing to those sites.

Important Update:

Gra-ph-ene   Ox-ide   Tox-ic-ity 
(please excuse the hyphens and other symbols in this edited article! lol)

It has been demonstrated that  Gra-ph-ene Ox-ide Tox-ic-ity  (from v's and other sources) causes intracellular oxidative stress, leading to cytotoxicity and the inhibition of cell proliferation. Glutathione is one of the main body antioxidants that eradicates free radicals and poi$ons from your body. 

Glutathione is a cell-signalling molecule created by our cells and used by our bodies at the speed of light. Glutathione is vital in the regulation of oxidative stress levels to maintain normal cellular function. However, its concentration decreases with age, and people are already deficient in glutathione.

ASEA Redox signalling molecules may be described as the ‘Water of Life’ because they reactivate gene signalling pathways which get shut off by Gra-ph-ene  Ox-ide  Tox-ic-ity

ASEA Redox enables your cells to increase the efficacy of endogenous glutathione by a whopping 500-800%, thus detoxifying Gra-ph-ene Ox-ide Nanoparticles and sp$ke prote$ns, optimally.

According to scientific research, ASEA Redox signalling molecules may increase the capacity of cells to detox by 4 fold and may increase mitochondria production by 30% within a fortnight. 

This meta anti-oxidant has the potency of an ANTIDOTE and because it’s native to the body, the benefits of consuming ASEA will increase with continued use.

These anti-aging cell signalling molecules are also good for teeth and gums.

ASEA was originally discovered and developed by a Biotech firm. An atomic medical physicist specialized in nano-techno-logy figured out how to stabilize the molecules for human consumption. There are years of research and a plethora of doctors behind ASEA. While the p-ha-r-ma-ce-utical industry attempted to suppre$$ this medical breakthrough, ASEA’s founders had an integral mission to make their product widely available for public use. 

(Excerpt from an article by Dr. Ariyana Love ND, former Pfizer employee/current pharmaceutical & medical device analyst.)

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What is ASEA?

For Your Whole Body

ASEA Redox  (known as "liquid light") is the first and only supplement on the market certified to contain active redox signalling molecules, which are powerful cellular messengers working at the genetic level to help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells. Simply put, they replace and repair damaged cells with their anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits, assisting in improved health and wellness.

Though mammals are born with redox signaling molecules, making them native to our bodies, cellular breakdown from aging, stress, diet, toxins, illness, etc. cause our genes to turn off. This means genetic instructions for healthy body functions don’t get through and serious consequences can manifest. 

As with all mammals, the five key areas of health affected by cellular breakdown include the immune system, inflammatory response, the cardiovascular system, digestive function, and hormone modulation. Our genes give life-sustaining instructions to our cells, and our cells carry out those instructions to keep us alive and healthy. As we age, cell communication breaks down, the signal weakens, and gene expression can be disrupted. Regulating gene activity with redox signalling molecules keeps cellular communication strong and allows the body's natural healing and rejuvenation to happen.

Through ASEAs groundbreaking, patented process that reorganizes and stabilizes molecules of refined salt and purified water into redox signalling molecules, these cells that we have in our bodies can now be replicated with this breakthrough product technology that has been scientifically tested and shown to support the signalling and activation of genetic pathways. The salt water/saline is simply the carrier/delivery system of these molecules that fight and prevent health problems at the genetic level by supporting gene regulation and keeping your cells talking. When your cells communicate, they can properly do what they need to do to, allowing you to experience the vitality of true health and wellness. There is no masking of symptoms.

To reiterate: The ASEA Redox salt water/saline is simply a carrier/delivery system for redox signalling molecules. It is amazing, but simple science, replenishing our bodies with the molecules we were born with for ultimate health and wellness. 

Please see the above testimonials for various health conditions. 

For Your Skin

RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel  (topical gel) is the first and only skin health supplement on the market where you simply apply active redox signalling molecules directly onto your skin to improve your skin at the cellular level, revitalizing its appearance. No more covering up or tightening or spot-moisturizing. It supports your skin’s natural health, not just its appearance.

It is a new paradigm in skincare and anti-aging, not just for the face. This is whole-body skin therapy using a patented process that replicates your body’s own redox signalling molecules. It is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, preservative-free, and paraben-free. It improves blood flow, skin cell turnover, decreases cellulite, and addresses skin conditions. 

Please see the above testimonials for skin conditions. 

Other ASEA skincare products:

  • RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser
  • RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum
  • RENU Advanced Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer

ASEA also has full-spectrum redox signalling vitamin supplements. 
Please see link below for all of their products.

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Certification - ASEA REDOX is produced in an FDA-registered, NSF-certified facility and is certified by an independent third-party lab to contain active redox signalling molecules. It is BioAgilytix Laboratories REDOX certified.

For studies, scientific validations, testimonials, and

 physician informational videos, please click on:



Usage Instructions for Best Results:

  • The Maintenance Dose for ASEA is 60ml (2oz) twice per day.

  • If you have a current health concern and you’d like to see changes faster, take the Repair Dose of 120ml (4oz) twice per day.

  • High level athletes and individuals dealing with severe illness may wish to take much higher doses. 

  • Do not eat or drink 5 mins before or after taking the molecules.

  • Do not mix or combine ASEA with anything.

  • Do not drink straight from the bottle.

  • Do not consume ASEA in metal recipients.

  • Recommended that you drink lots of water (up to 2L) throughout the day for general health and better detox.

  • No need to refrigerate… but you can!

  • Hold ASEA in your mouth for 60 seconds or so, before swallowing.

  • You may use ASEA in a spray bottle or dropper (make sure the container is clean).

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ASEA Redox

$46.50 x 1 bottle                                                       N/A x 1 bottle

$93.00 x 2 bottles                                                     $116.00 x 2 bottles

$172.00 x 4 bottles                                                   $215.00 x 4 bottles


$46.50 x 1 tube                                                        $60.00 x 1 tube

$93.00 x 2 tubes                                                      $115.00 x 2 tubes

$172.00 x 4 tubes                                                    $215.00 x 4 tubes

RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser

$26.00 x 1 bottle                                                     $32.00 x 1 bottle

RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum

$105.00 x 1 tube                                                     $131.00 x 1 tube

RENU Advanced Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer

$80.00 x 1 tube                                                        $100.00 x 1 tube

RENU Advanced Skin Kit (Cleanser, Moisturizer, Serum)

$172.00                                                                    $215.00

RENU Advanced Skin & Body Kit (Cleanser, Moisturizer, Serum, 2 tubes of RENU 28)

$250.00                                                                    $312.00